The fresh peppermint liqueur. Clear and fresh, just like the Berlin air. The cult drink of the Berlin party scene is always a welcome guest. Well chilled, Berliner Luft is not only a culinary delight on its own, but also ideal for mixing stylish cocktails and long drinks of all kinds.

Vegan, without artificial ingredients and of course MADE IN BERLIN..

Versions: 0.02 l; 0.04 l; 0.1 l; 0.35 l; 0.7 l; 1.0 l; 3.0 l
Liqueur with 18 % vol.
✔ Vegan


The company


With its spirits, produced with sophisticated recipes and bottled using state-of-the-art technology, Schilkin offers a versatile range of exceptional drinks. Schilkin's vodkas were enjoyed at the Tsar's court and are still produced today using traditional family recipes. The range of classic spirits, such as dry gin, brandy, and herbal liqueurs, is complemented by modern trend spirits. The most popular brand is the clear peppermint liqueur 'Berliner Luft'.

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